We’ve gotten so used to how Google’s start page works….but are you sure you’re really using Google?  One of the more popular spyware/adware problems lately are browser redirects….where your homepage is set to something that looks oddly like Google (minus an logo, or with different images, ads, or logos), but it really isn’t.  Searching for something doesn’t use Google’s search engine, and instead will use this fake search engine and point you to sites that the creator makes money off directing you too.  If you have this type of software on your machine, it opens you up to several other vulnerabilities, including viruses, that can further limit your ability to work and can disable your ability to go to the web at all.  It’s getting harder and harder to remove these redirects, which is why it’s important to have this professionally checked out as soon as you notice something is up.  Give Canyonero a call, and we can remotely log in and check what’s going on before things get worse!