In the wake of all of the security talk from last week’s Heartbleed virus disaster, one of the best things you can do to protect yourself from future exploits (besides changing your password often) is to set up two-step security.  Many websites now have this option, and it’s an important and easy way to add another level of security to your online identities. In a nutshell, two-step security (or two-factor verification as it’s also called)  requires another form of verification besides just a password in order to gain access to your account on a different computer.  In most cases, that’s a text message or a call to your cell phone, verifying that you authorize this activity.  This prevents people who don’t have access to both your cell phone and your passwords from gaining access to your account.  Trust me….the mild annoyance it is to have to punch in a code from your phone when you’re using your account on a new computer is quickly squashed when you breathe a little lighter the next time another super-virus or security exploit comes around.

This site from the Wall Street Journal gives a great, easy-to-understand description of how to add two-step security to 11 of the top websites.  Read it, and make sure you have protected your various online accounts!