Most business owners have customized email signatures auto-configured in their email programs, so when they reply or send out a new email, it automatically includes their contact information and a link to their website or a quote. Unfortunately, what the signature looks like on your screen is NOT necessarily what it looks like on another screen (thanks to varying technology), which makes it hard to determine just how others see your business. Given this problem, what’s the best way to fix it? Simplify your email signature!

Have you gotten an email from someone, and it said it had an attachment, and you opened it only to reveal their logo, or a weird ruled line? Sadly, including your corporate logo or professional picture in the signature is one of the top problems that people have with email signatures. In an email client (a program, like Outlook), often times the email shows just as intended, but if viewed in a web browser ( or on a mobile device’s small screen, the logo will often wrap funny, show as an attachment to the email, or not even show up at all. Instead of a picture, create your signature using only text or hyperlinks in the default font.  If you do add an image, make sure you correctly use the settings to ensure that text is shown when the image is not displayed. While it may be boring, it’s more professional for every day use since everyone will be able to read it.

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