Nothing is worse than trying to log into a website and realizing you don’t remember the password.  If you’re lucky, the website has a way to easily reset it….but many times you’re stuck having to remember your “favorite book”, or “favorite teacher” (or better yet, the favorite book or teacher back when you created this online identity).  Your quick online task just turned into a 20 minute nightmare as you comb through endless possibilities of answers.

Enter Password Managers.  These programs replace the hard copy password log books of yesteryear, often adding useful features like strong password generators, and the ability to sync to your smartphone or tablet.  There’s a myriad of different programs to choose from, offering users different many different flavors anywhere from free to paid monthly services.

If you have a sticky note under your keyboard right now with your password on it, or a page in the back of your phone book dedicated to passwords….this message is for you (and NO, you shouldn’t consider doing one of those if you’re not!).  There are several different options out there for great, secure password management programs, and it’s time for you to consider one.  Not sure where to start?  Lifehacker recommends one of these programs, the top 5 rated by their religious readers:  A good google search for password managers is sure to turn up some different options, as will a check in the app store on your mobile device.  Don’t forget….once you have a program picked out, make sure to share the details with your spouse/significant other, and better yet, have the master password written somewhere secure in your home for emergencies.

Got a favorite program you use?  Mention it in the comments below!