We’ve ALL done it….that pit in your stomach that comes once you realize you’ve just lost a whole bunch of pictures off your computer, or irreplaceable documents and files.  You swore you would do a better job with a backup- maybe redundant backups- so this would never happen again.  Fast forward to today; how is that working for you?  If your computer died right now, how would you get your data back?

Enter World Backup Day…a day dedicated to getting awareness out about backing up your computer files and preparing for the worst case scenario in terms of computer data.  Ideally, you should have multiple backups (one on-site, one off-site, and/or one in the cloud), but a good start is to review what needs to be backed up, and how you will go about getting it in case of an emergency.  Visit http://www.worldbackupday.com/en/ to learn more about how to prepare your computer, or reach out to your trusted computer technician (hopefully Canyonero!) and talk about the best options for your needs.

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