Mac users have been waiting for an update to Microsoft Office for Mac since the 2011 version was released nearly 5 years ago.  Microsoft is planning the full release of Office 2015 for Mac later this year, but it’s allowing everyone to download the new software now and use it for free while they work out the last of the kinks in the programs.  This version works much better with some of Microsoft’s newer offerings (like Office365), and give a more consistent look and feel to the PC based versions. The package has been available for a few weeks now, but yesterday Microsoft released a significant update and redesign to it, and promises more tweaks in the future.  While we wouldn’t recommend removing your 2011 version of Office just yet, it is a good idea to download it now and start to get accustomed to the changes before they’re mandatory to keep up changing technology.  (Better yet, if you just bought a new computer, or you don’t currently use Office 2011, this is a great way to use the software for free for a few months!)

To download the productivity suite now, visit Microsoft’s website at :