We see it all too often: a seemingly perfect hard drive all of a sudden fails one day and loses all of your pictures, documents, and music.  Hard drive failures after no physical damage to the device are surprisingly common- technology isn’t perfect- but you want to take every measure you can to make sure it doesn’t happen to you.  Doing a little homework and research before you purchase your next external backup, or upgrade the hard drive in your computer could just save you from trouble down the road.

Backblaze.com, a popular low-cost online backup provider, has recently published the information of the drive failures they saw through 2014.  While they go through the details in pretty specific detail (showing model numbers and capacity for each kind), it’s important to see that there are CLEARLY drives with a much higher failure rate than others.  Look at the details in their article here: https://www.backblaze.com/blog/best-hard-drive-q4-2014/

There’s a lot of information in that article, and much of it is probably beyond most of our clients care or concern.  The key points to drive home are that HGST drives (while usually slightly more expensive), seem to have a much lower failure rate than Seagate drives…and Seagate drives seem to be the most common.  If you’re in the market for a new drive, refer to that article and make the best choice based on your budget and storage needs….and see what the failure rate was on it was before you buy something new.  After seeing several business clients lose critical data over the years, Canyonero has been reviewing this data for a long time, and will continue to use non-biased results to make sure we get the best performing drives for our clients.

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