I have a few customers that always seem to be itching to get a new computer.  They’ll get a common computer problem or slowdown (like a virus or some spyware), and they’ll hint that they’re willing to just start over.  When a computer salesman hears “I’m ready to get a new machine if you think that will help”, it usually flashes dollar signs in our eyes, but truth be told, it’s not always the best option.  Sure, if the computer is truly older and using outdated technology, a replacement or upgrade is likely the best option.  However, if the machine is only a year or two old, and you’re still using a current operating system and have no performance issues, there are likely other things that can be done.  It’s not only the costs associated with getting a new machine that make it a hassle; time consuming tasks like moving your data to the new machine, reinstalling software, and getting things to work like they were before are all reasons to think twice about just starting over. Here are some things to consider:

  1. Is The Machine Old?  Like a new car, computers depreciate in value and are outdated almost as soon as you unpack them and power them up for the first time.  Traditionally, computers should be able to reliably last for 5 years- if not more.  So if it is less than 5 years old, you might be jumping the gun if you think you need to start over already.
  2. Does It Need A Hardware Upgrade?  If you save a lot of files to your computer, you could be running out of space, or be in need of a memory upgrade to help boost the performance of an older machine.  Usually, these upgrades can be done inexpensively, and will significantly help the life or your computer.
  3. Sure There’s No Virus/Spyware?  One of the biggest reasons for a computer running slowly or not performing right is because of some spyware programs or popups that take over your computer and run in the background causing everything else to slow down.  Sometimes a simple scan and cleaning will help improve the machine performance.
  4. Upgrade the Operating System.  If you have an older operating system, you might consider upgrading to Windows 10- sometimes just doing the upgrade will help performance issues on the machine.  It’s also possible that a clean install will help things out; sometimes removing old system files, temp files and just general junk programs that are “gumming” up your computer will fix the performance problems for good.  The best part is that your computer will essentially look and feel like a new machine, without the added cost!

Any honest & reliable IT professional can help you assess your current computer and tell you what the smartest financial move forward is- whether it means it’s time to buy a new computer, or it’s better to make some upgrades to your current one.  Canyonero is always willing to help you make you make the best decision for your needs!!