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Meet Matthew and Cheryl Van Drie.  Together, they have over 30 years of professional IT experience, making them fully qualified to handle your IT needs.

Canyonero isn’t the latest franchise or fad company; it’s the realization of a dream that owners Matthew & Cheryl Van Drie have in their desire to share IT knowledge with family and friends.  Simply put, they’re looking out to make us all a little more tech savvy, one customer at a time.  Canyonero was founded on the principal of giving people affordable computer support that they could trust, and understand.  After hearing so many stories from about bad computer support friends received elsewhere, they decided to turn their dream into a reality. 

After several years working in a corporate IT programming development shop, Cheryl chose to turn her hobby into a part-time business, and it quickly grew into the size it is today.  With hundreds of customers and needs ranging from repair to training to purchases, Cheryl welcomes the diverse challenges that her expanding clientele brings.  Whether it was working with an elderly neighbor or a multi-store business owner, each customer is treated with exceptional professionalism, honesty, and respect, setting Canyonero far apart from their competitors.

Matt’s part-time experience with Canyonero has brought a vast knowledge of server and network architecture, as well as other business .  Together, Matt & Cheryl are the perfect compliment for each other professionally; they are both trusted experts with varied backgrounds and together, they provide strategic solutions for their customers while keeping the bottom line in mind.

Unlike many of their competitors in the area, they are not financially motivated to endorse specific products or programs.  They recommend whatever virus scanner or computer brand/package that’s right for you, not what makes the business money.


Both Cheryl & Matt are graduates of Kettering University and are proud of their experience.  Cheryl graduated with a BS in Management Information Systems, and a MS in Information Technology, working with HealthPlus of Michigan as her employer.  Matt graduated with a BS in Computer Science and worked with Rockwell Automation as his employer.  Cheryl is also a proud member of Alpha Sigma Alpha.


Canyonero is a proud member of the Association of Computer Repair Business Owners (ACRBO), a trade organization committed to networking and education between computer business owners.  Our membership connects us to hundreds of other qualified computer repair technicians throughout the world.


Cheryl has been representing Canyonero in the BNI Energize Now networking group for 6 years.  BNI has proven to be a solid referral source for Canyonero and Cheryl and Matt have used most of the businesses represented in the group.  Cheryl is an active participant in the group and has held many leadership positions in it.  For a listing of the current members of the group, please visit www.rochesterbni1.com.     

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