Here Are A Few Of Our Favorite Things

We're often asked what programs and services we they are!


Run this periodically in addition to your regular antivirus protection to keep your machine free and clear of spyware threats.

Graphic Converter

Mac Users: this is one of my favorite programs of all time…it makes it simple to convert, modify, and create images in a Photoshop Illustrator-esque experience.

Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE

Simple, FREE, reliable software that lets you backup your computer to an existing hard drive you have, and gives you the option to recover everything back at the click of a button.

Libre Office

If MS Office is out of your budget, check out this full featured software suite that gives Microsoft a run for it’s money….and it’s free!


We highly recommend Backblaze as a “Dummy Proof” online-backup solution.  It’s cheap, efficient, and your data is off-site.  We’re proud to offer our customers a discount on the service by clicking our link to the service!


If you’re looking for a full featured free photo editor, look no further than GIMP!


Good photo management is a must on any computer.  This free software allows you to organize, manage and easily share pictures.