Customized Training Packages

Don’t hate technology: embrace it!  Canyonero specializes in creating unique, personalized training sessions geared directly for your needs.  Whether you need some basic Computer 101 training skills, or you want to problem-solve a specific area of concern you’re having, we can minimize those late-night crying sessions with a tailored training package!

Afraid to be labeled as THAT person who doesn't use Technology?

Are you too embarrassed to ask your friends for help with technology because you don’t want them to see just how out-of-date you are?

Needing A Digital Organization Overhaul?

If someone asked you right now for a photo or document you have saved on your machine, would you know how to find it?   And share it with them?

Wishing You Were A Tech-Superhero?

Would figuring out how to use your smartphone, tablet, or computer more efficiently REVOLUTIONIZE how you manage your day?
We get it. Technology isn’t your favorite thing, and more often than not, your inability to make it work for you gives you more hassle than its worth. Who could forget that spreadsheet you promised to help manage…that left you crying and cursing because you COULD NOT print or modify it? Or, how about the time your calendar on your computer didn’t match your smartphone and you missed an important meeting because you went to yoga instead? What about those vacation pictures that are still on your digital camera or smartphone….from last year?

Don’t Let Technology Intimidate You!

Adhoc Troubleshooting Session

An “ad-hoc” troubleshooting session where we target one area of immediate concern

Remote Access

A remote access session where I can see the client’s screen and advise them through a problem or question they have.


A multi-session training program custom tailored to the client’s desired outcomes, previous experience, and learning ability

At the end of each training session, I ensure that my clients are confidant of their newfound knowledge, they can easily replicate and explain the work we did, and most importantly, they know how to reach me if they have follow up questions.  Each training session is custom-developed based on the needs of the client, and can include:

  • A printable instruction sheet with screen shots showing the step-by-step actions.
  • Textbooks, or other professionally printed reference materials that are custom selected for your needs and learning style.
  • A custom video demonstration showing you the steps we took to solve a problem so you can review it again and again.

These are just some of the extra steps we take to keep our clients happy so they willingly share us with their friends!

Break Through Your Technology Barriers!

These are real problems from real customers. Canyonero Consulting takes the stress out of technology and brings a new meaning to “Computer Support. Simplified.” I started Canyonero because I got sick of seeing my family and friends be taken advantage of by inexperienced techs in the big-box stores! Their inflated prices, obvious unfamiliarity with products and management-driven sales goals made it impossible for them to get the right product. Furthermore, I never met anyone there who was actually helpful, or seemed to care and relate to the problem at hand in a friendly manner. I not only do I have 20+ years of experience working with, repairing, and training users on computers, my ability to explain the problem in layman’s terms, and work with any level of user sets me far apart from my competition.

Need Some Examples Of How We Can Help?

Here are some our most recent personalized training sessions to give you an idea of some of the ways we might be able to help you!

4Give Mom & Dad a training package to go with that new computer you bought them. Customize topic-based sessions like: Basic Windows Functions, Email, Internet Browsing, Documents, Photo Management, etc.
14Get your smartphone and computer and sync and turn into a productivity super-hero! Harness the power of the cloud and use services like Dropbox, Evernote, and Google to make your life easier!
2Need help getting to the bottom of your inbox? I can show you some tried and true tactics to get your mind to “inbox zero” and your mailbox in check.
1Become a Digital Media Diva! Organize those photos and videos so you can find them, make sure they’re backed up, and find the right software program to help you manage and modify them going forward
13Take the confusion out of setting up that new machine.  We will help you create an ergonomic and wire-friendly setup for your new machine placement, and will customize everything for your first use so you can hit the ground running!

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