If you’re a Comcast customer, and you rent your cable modem & router through them, your home will soon become a public wifi hotspot….if it hasn’t already. ¬†Hundreds of customers have started complaining about this, as it opens your personal network up to the potential of hackers getting easier access to your computer, and could ultimately jeopardize your connection and download speeds.

How can you fix it? Purchasing your own cable modem and router (usually under $125 for the set) actually ends up saving you the rental fee you already pay each month, it decreases your potential for future router/modem problems because they’re separate higher quality equipment, and it ends up disabling Comcast from using your home device as a public wifi spot.

For more information, see this article (http://www.clickondetroit.com/money/Comcast-is-turning-your-home-router-into-a-public-Wi-Fi-hotspot/26507244), and contact Canyonero for how we can set you up with a reliable replacement.