It happens to the best of us: you’re careful on the internet and have updated antivirus software running, but Google searching gets the best of you, you’re pages deep into reading articles about a very specific topic and then all of a sudden you make this one click and as soon as you let go of the mouse “NO!!!  That ad wasn’t legit.  What was I thinking?????”  As soon as you’ve done it, you wish you could take it back, but it’s too late and the damage is already done.  Disgusted with your mistake, you set out in search of a “morning after pill” to get your computer back to normal.  Luckily, fixing this problem is much less dramatic and controversial than the REAL morning after pill.

PC Magazine posted an interesting article about the cleanup solutions that are available, and tested which are best at restoring your computer to its original state.  Their winner was a popular obvious choice- the free version of MalwareBytes, our longtime favorite and what we frequently recommended to “repeat offenders” for virus/spyware removal services.  The article makes an important point that MalwareBytes alone doesn’t prevent the threat of viruses (even their paid, real-time scanner), but for a clean-up after the problem has already happened….it’s at the top of the list.  Our choice: run the original Norton Antivirus and periodically run a scan through MalwareBytes to make sure nothing is lingering in the background.  If you don’t have MalwareBytes, you should.  Get it now!