These days, EVERYTHING needs a password.  Not only are you starting to need more of them, but they’re getting more specific in what they require when you set them….it seems you need an uppercase, a lowercase, a number, a special character, and you need to change it every 60 days!  We’ve talked in the past about the importance of having a good password management system- whether that be a program, or a manual logbook- but there’s still a vast majority of our clients that use the same password for everything whenever possible (yes, I’m looking at YOU!).

One of our favorite password management programs is LastPass, a FREE program and website that users can easily use to manage their passwords and keep them in one, secure place. recently posted a very detailed beginner’s guide to setting up and using LastPass (, and we think it’s worth a good read- especially if you’ve been putting this off for a while.  While you’re at it, make sure you’ve set up two-step verification wherever possible (

If this seems too simplistic for your needs, or you want your passwords synced between multiple devices (which is a paid feature for LastPass)….I’ve personally been using the DataVault app on my computer and my smartphone, so I can securely keep all of my information where I need it when I need it.  It’s not free, but it offers more features and customizations than LastPass, all while being among the most secure of password protection programs.  If you need something a little more than what LastPass offers, check it out.

Bottom line- don’t let cost or complicated use be the reason you don’t have a password management system set up.  Let today be the last time you forget a password, or don’t have one when you need it.

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