One of the more popular features of Windows 10 is the App Store…designed as a “one-stop-shop” for programs for your computer.  It’s draw, is that spyware and viruses should be lessened because each app featured in the Windows Store has been reviewed by Microsoft for validity/safety prior to release.  While it’s not perfect, it’s among one of the safest and easiest places to check if you are looking for both feee and paid software programs to run on your PC.

Many of the apps featured on the store are simply Win 10 optimizations of popular websites (Netflix, Weather Channel, Hulu, etc.) meaning it installs an application on your computer you would run, as opposed to going to a website.  Gizmodo reviewed some of the more popular applications and suggested several to check out in this post:  It’s worth a read- and a skim through the user comments- to see if there would be any apps that you might find useful.

Any other apps you have found useful?  Comment below!