In our house, we just got new cell phones, which means new cables, cords, chargers & adapters.  One of my favorite OCD tips that I love to share with my customers is a cheap and easy way to identify whose cord is whose- with Washi tape!  We’ve all been there….we take our chargers and cables to a friend’s house, and their iPhone cable looks just like your iPhone cable….so which is yours when it’s time to go home?  When our family gets together for our big family reunion, it’s like cell phone store with all the cables and adapters laying around the house- but I know which are mine!

Washi tape is cheap, thin tape which can be purchased in hundreds of different patterns and colors.  By wrapping the charger itself, or the ends of your cables with a particular pattern of tape, you make it easy to identify later which cables are yours.  Note- it’s important to NOT wrap the cable itself when decorating your cable, as it could cause it to lose flexibility and damage prematurely.  Stick to taping the hard plastic parts of the cords and adapters for a cheap and easy way to personalize your stuff.  Best of all- it’s not permanent when you go to sell the device.  Don’t like washi tape?  Try a sticker!  I bet you nobody will question which cord is yours if you put a Chiquita Banana sticker on your iPhone charger!

Think outside the box on this one- it’s not just for cell phone cables and adapters.  This is also great for USB devices.  When was the last time you looked behind your computer at the 4-5 USB devices you plugged in and asked which is the printer?  If you put tape around each end of the cable, and you’ll easily be able to identify next time you’re looking at it!  The possibilities are endless!  Happy Taping!